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United States
I dapple in art, but mostly I enjoy looking at other's art.

My one true love is words. I am a writer, by nature, not profession, it chose me. I will eventually post some of my poems and stories here.

By profession I am a web/Graphics designer, so I guess you could say that I am an artist in that respect.

I very much enjoy Japanese animation and Manga, though I enjoy other art forms as well, it is one of my favorites.

Another medium I dapple in is Photography, I have taken an introductory course to black and white photography, and plan to take a digital photography class in the future. I will eventually post up some of my work here.

Current Residence: Oklahoma, unfortunately
Favourite genre of music: Alternative
Favourite photographer: hobbleskirt,
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga, realism, fantasy,
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: none
Wallpaper of choice: The kind I have to change when we have company over. :-P
Favourite cartoon character: momo from Avatar: The last airbender
Personal Quote: "Does my sexiness upset you?" -Maya Angelou
Sorry boys and girls, I'm married. :-P

I am, however, looking for an artist. I've found lots of great talent here on DA, that's not really the problem, I'm looking for a talented artist that fits my stories' style, and who can look past my small budget and see the other benefits working with me might offer.

I currently have 3 stories posted on 2 websites. The most popular one has over 100 readers on each site, many of whom have said they would gladly pay a monthly subscription fee to continue reading my stories, and that's before advertising! That gives the artists I work with exposure to loads of potential clients and fans. I do hope to push to have my work published by a real publisher in the future, and would insist on bringing my artists with me.

The better the art, the more attractive the site. The more attractive the site, the more subscribers I get. The more subscribers I get, the more art I can afford to commission. See how that works? I'm looking for someone who believes in my stories and is willing to invest time into putting a face to my stories in the belief that it will pay off for both of us in the end.

My plan is to begin moving forward with the creation of a subscription site within a year. This gives me time to commission art, do research, and write more material. That means artists I do commission have a whole year (or more) to get the work done. It could be done as a side hobby so as not to detract time away from clients who can afford their full commission price.

I am not looking for artists to work for free, I can pay a little, I'm just not in a position to pay what most artists ask, and truly deserve for their work.

I expect to work with several different artists, as each story has it's own unique style, and since some of my subject matter is something a lot of artists wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole. (lol)

The series:

Title: New York Angels
Medium: Novel series, and (hopefully) graphic novel series
Progress: rough-drafts for 36 episodes (about 50% completed)
Have: cover artist and character designs.
Looking for: Line art artist familiar with, or willing to get familiar with comic/graphic novel style drawing.
    MUST: Be able to draw women, men, and children, be able to    
                 conform to the style of the character designs I  
                 already have, (Kind of an american-ized japanese animation cross breed),be able to draw motorcycles, buildings,
                 nature, cats and dogs. Be able to draw a wide-range
                 of facial expressions.

Questionable Content: The story revolves around a group of troubled teenagers, and subject matter includes drug abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, mental abuse, eating disorders, self mutilation disorders, violence, death, gangs, suggested homosexual relationship, multiple heterosexual relationships, dysfunctional families, romance, (no sex is planned at this point.)                                                   
Target Audience: 16+
Brief Description: I don't want to give away too much, so I'll be as brief as possible, I will of course reveal more to artists who ask, and the artists I work with will know the full story.
Setting Futuristic New York City
Background 2 young Scientists find pieces of a meteorite, that have strange effects on humans. They have a difference of opinion as to how their discovery should be used. One of them steals some of them and disappears.  He reappears years later, having formed an army, bent on gaining control and "purifying" the human race. (Hitler, anyone?) However, the other scientist, knowing he would try this, has formed his own defense army. They fight long and hard, and the mad scientist defeats them by framing the good guys, thus they are incarcerated for life.  By the time his plan succeeds, he has lost so many soldiers, that he must retreat and regroup.
Synopsis: Tommy (Thomasina) Anderson is just a normal teenage girl with a shitty life, or so she thinks. One day her already out-of-control life spirals into something much more complicated as she learns the truth about her mother's death, her past, and her responsibilities. She vows revenge for her mother, and with the help of a band of unlikely heroes, she just might get it.

Title Guardians of Fantasy<----Title in progress
Medium: Novel Series, and (hopefully) Graphic Novel
Progress: first rough draft of three planned novels complete, 1/4 of the second one complete.
Have: Basic Character Ideas. No artist work done.
Looking for: Cover Artist, inside art illustrator, For the novel I'm looking for a realism-style.
Graphic Novel cover and line art artist, for the graphic novel I'm looking for a manga-style feel. Perhaps something along the lines of Card Captor Sakura.

MUST: Be able to draw women, men, children, and animals. Specifically, Horses, Unicorns, Pegasus, tiger, cat,(that's it so far, but there are more animals planned) Must be good at drawing scenery, as much of the story takes place in forests and woods.
Ability to draw weapons, armor, and action scenes is a big plus. As well as drawing wounds. Aside from these things I'm really looking for someone who is able to draw in such a way that the readers can tell age differences, as that will be a big part of the story.

Questionable Content: violence, blood, physical abuse, angst, suggested homosexual relationship.
Target Audience 14+
Setting: Fantasy world, much like our own, only more nature-based. Think about renaissance period. Kings, Queens, Castles, carraiges, swords, bows, that sort of thing.
Background When a young prince refuses an arranged marraige and nearly starts a war between his country and the one he was meant to rule, he is captured and tried for treason, sentenced to a life of serving in the Royal army.
Synopsis Princess Selena's 14th Birthday party was a grand affair, but the night was even more exciting. Jealous that she was passed over to Rule, Selena's aunt Kale, a powerful sorceress, attacks the palace, kidnapping Selena's parents, and taking over the territory.  Now, Selena and a band of friends must race to warn the surrounding Kingdoms, but will they heed her warning? Are they equipped to respond? What will happen if they arrive too late?

Title Something About Him<----Title in progress
Medium: Novel Series, and (maybe) Graphic Novel
Progress: first rough draft of three planned novels almost complete. (This is the most popular of my stories)
Have: Basic Character Ideas. No artist work done.
Looking for: Cover Artist, inside art illustrator, For the novel I'm looking for a realistic-style. I can show examples of the style upon request.
Graphic Novel cover and line art artist, for the graphic novel I'm not really sure what I'm looking for yet.

MUST: Be able to draw women, men, children, and animals. Specifically, Horses, and dogs. Most of the story takes place inside an elaborate mansion.
Looking for someone able to draw expressive eyes, as they are a key element.

Questionable Content: slavery, violence, physical abuse, torture, sexual abuse, death, angst, graphic erotic homosexual situations.
Target Audience 14+
Setting: Fantasy world, much like our own, but without cars, and some other modern conveniences. Basically if it's bad for the planet it doesn't exist in this world. Or it exists and its use is restricted.
Background Humas who are fleeing their dying planet, strike a deal with the spirit of a planet they crash-land on. A society is born that holds the planets well being to the highest standards. Being are born with powers to help ensure the protection of the planet.
Synopsis Katan Jakart is a Vessel, (power-user) He is respected among his fellow aristocrats, but he has never really belonged in their world. When he buys a slave that is wild and untrained, he finds himself falling in love for the first time since his wife's untimely death. Can this strange boy heal the scars on Katan's heart? And can Katan help him realize his full potential?

These are the main ones I'm concerned with developing at the moment. I also have other stories in the works, though, so any and all artists willing to work with me are welcome to contact me!

Contact me here, or by e-mailing me at please be sure to put "Reply to DA journal" or something along those lines so I don't automatically delete it!

Thank you for reading! I look forward to hearing from you. ♥

  • Listening to: My husband snoring lol
  • Reading: Ai no Kusabi Volume 2
  • Watching: Kuroshitsugi and Saiyuki
  • Playing: Splinter Cell: Conviction
  • Eating: Cheddar Jalepeno Cheetos
  • Drinking: Craving Rootbeer


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